Is this my lawyer?

You've been sued. You turn the suit over your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier says Mr. Lawyer will file an answer and handle your case. Is Mr. Lawyer your lawyer or the Insurance Company's lawyer?

Mr. Lawyer is your lawyer. You are his client. His loyalties run to you and he is to look out for your best interests. If you have to remind him of this fact, you may wish to find another lawyer. The insurance carrier will likely pay his bill and have a right to reports on the liability and damages issues in the case through the insurance policy. Good Lawyers will work with insurance carriers and utilize their resources to your advantage.

Most insurance policies provide that if a claim is covered, the insurance company has to pay to defend you and indemnify you from the claim. With this being the case, typically, the insurance company has the right to choose a counsel to represent you. This is typically a good thing because the insurance company should have experience with various lawyers who are qualified for the particular type of case involved.

However, as there are good and bad lawyers, if your lawyer begins doing things that you believe are not in your best interest, you will need to address the situation with both the lawyer and the carrier. You can always hire your own lawyer to ensure that you are properly protected.

There are additionally some situations where you may utilize counsel of your own choosing either through terms in the policy, or because the insurance carrier informs you that there is a question whether the claim is covered, and they "reserve their rights" to deny coverage.