Working together for your children

Children benefit when parents are in their lives, making co-parenting skills important for divorced parents.

Children of divorced parents in Texas must learn new ways to interact with their parents individually versus as a unit on a day-to-day basis. However, this does not mean that these children cannot still view their parents as a team united with their best interests at heart. The ability to do this rests largely on the shoulders of the parents and how well they interact with each other.

The website of the Texas Legislature states clearly that decisions about child custody and access to children are made based upon what situation will provide the best environment for children. Ideally, this includes the ongoing and frequent involvement of both parents. In making these decisions, courts can take into consideration the wishes of children but are not required to abide by those. They can also order counseling as a way of enhancing parenting skills and the familial relationships.

Parental Responsibility For Co-Parenting

While the courts can determine who will have custody of a child, what visitation is allowed and so forth, at the end of the day it is up to the parents to make things work. Psychology Today explains that creating positive interactions and communications between all parties is one of the best ways to help children of divorce feel secure.

Whether their parents are married or divorced, children feel better when they believe both people work together on their behalf. Without living together, divorced people have less opportunity to show this to their children but following are some ways to achieve this:

  • When exchanging children between homes, parents are encouraged to greet each other politely.
  • Parents should make a point to let children see them cooperatively making agreements. These can be about schedule changes or a child's involvement in an extracurricular activity.
  • Even when one parent is not around, the other parent can speak positively of that person to the child.

Adhering to visitation schedules can create security but parents should avoid unnecessary rigidity in this, especially as children get older. Schedules will naturally require some flexibility and allowing this can benefit all parties involved.

Preventative Measures Can Help As Well

Sometimes the best way to create a positive atmosphere is to prevent a problem from arising. For many divorced parents, tracking and managing finances related to the children is a great stressor. The Huffington Post provided information about how many app developers have created programs to help with this issue.

Utilizing technology in this way takes the guesswork out of who owes what and can eliminate arguments before they are even allowed to begin. This lowers the stress level and facilitates better relationships.

When getting divorced, consulting with an attorney is always advised. Doing so is another way to help get custody and other arrangements identified properly from the beginning.

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