Product Liability

Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the safe construction and use of their products through proper labeling and instructions. If you have been injured while using a product, even if you contributed to your own injury by using the product incorrectly, you may have a product liability claim.

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Our Plano product liability attorneys represent individuals and companies in cases where there are allegations that a product is unsafe or was not labeled properly, including products such as:

  • Personal watercraft
  • Motor vehicles, including defective automobile parts
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Medical products
  • Prescription medication

There are generally three theories on which a product liability case can be based:

  • Defect in product manufacturing
  • Design defects, including failure to include safety measures in the design
  • Failure to warn of possible injury or inadequate attempts to warn

At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., our Plano product liability attorneys are dedicated to building a strong case and persuasively advocating on your behalf. We will use our investigative skills to piece together what happened, including identifying all parties potentially responsible for the defective product, and we will provide an honest assessment of liability.

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