Do You Want The Best Result The Courts Can Give You?

What is important when you hire a lawyer for a civil matter? Legal fees are part of the equation. If you want to win your case you can't just go with the lowest cost attorney. Legal knowledge is important, but book smarts alone don't always translate to results.

Trial experience is a true deciding factor. Courtroom reputation gets the attention of your opponents. Courtroom skill will influence the outcome, even if your case ultimately settles. A Texas attorney who goes to court on a regular basis will be better able to gauge what is a fair and realistic out-of-court resolution.

The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., is an established litigation practice representing clients in Plano, Richardson and throughout Texas. We try a lot of cases and take many more to the brink of trial to get the best possible settlements for clients. We begin each case as if we will have to convince a jury. That prep work and its follow-through are the key to our proven results in civil litigation.

Trial lawyer Joseph Barbknecht has litigated civil cases across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, throughout Texas and in numerous other states. Read more about his regional and national capabilities.

Delivering Positive Outcomes For 30 Years

Our reputation as "litigation warriors" gives you leverage in your civil dispute, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant. We represent individuals and commercial entities in many types of cases, including:

Our civil litigation practice includes representation of owners and entities in all forms of business and commercial litigation (contracts, business partners, etc.).

Quality, Cost-Effective Representation For Important Legal Matters

Our firm is structured to meet our clients' needs by working as a team to achieve the ultimate objective of the litigation. We are diligent in investigating the underlying facts so that we can gauge the best course of action and the most effective strategies to protect your interests.

We understand that no legal dispute exists in a vacuum; the outcome has an impact on your family, your finances and your sense of justice. We provide an honest assessment and cost-benefit analysis of your legal remedies — negotiations, arbitration, court injunctions, a full-fledged trial — and zealously represent your interests whichever path you choose.

The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., serves Plano, Richardson and surrounding communities, and we commonly litigate in jurisdictions throughout Texas. Call 972-312-1510 or contact us online to make arrangements for a free consultation with our civil litigation attorneys.