Contract Disputes

We understand how urgent, disruptive and volatile a contract dispute can be. We can step in promptly to facilitate a resolution or safeguard your interests if the conflict escalates to legal proceedings.

Cost-Effective Remedies And Representation For Contract Disputes

Our litigation firm represents businesses in Plano, in Richardson and throughout Collin County and Dallas County. Trial lawyer Joseph Barbknecht has also litigated commercial disputes across Texas and the United States, including plaintiff and defense counsel in complex cases involving millions of dollars.

We represent businesses on both sides of contractual disputes:

  • Payment disputes with customers or vendors
  • Construction contracts
  • Commercial property deals
  • Licensing agreements
  • Oil and gas agreements and leases
  • UCC disputes (interstate or international commerce)
  • Employee covenants
  • Breach of warranty
  • Fraud or breach of fiduciary duty

An Ounce Of Prevention
Having litigated poorly written contracts over the years, we are well-qualified to help clients avoid pitfalls on the front end. Mr. Barbknecht will draft or review your agreements to ensure that they comply with the law and cover the important bases.

Contract disputes often arise from competing interpretations of the same document. We start by analyzing the contract language to gauge where you stand. We then give our assessment of the viable options for enforcing the contract or resolving the conflict. Our attorneys will pursue injunctions, summary judgment or monetary damages, or position you for the most favorable result in arbitration or negotiations. Our counsel includes a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that the return on litigation is worth the expense.

The Barbknecht Firm is built on excellent service and superior results. Call 972-312-1510 toll free or contact us online to arrange your initial consultation with an experienced contract dispute attorney.