Enforcing Child Support Orders

Court orders are effective tools, but they aren't so useful when the other side ignores them. The state of Texas is on your side in the enforcement of these orders and ensuring that you collect this lawfully ordered support. To have child support orders enforced, you need to work with a lawyer who is familiar with the processes and has a track record of positive results.

At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, we have successfully represented clients in Richardson and throughout the Dallas Metroplex on both sides of child support disputes. Whether you need help collecting past-due support payments or you are trying to defend yourself against accusations of nonpayment, we will be there to provide the results-oriented representation you need.

There is more than one way to obtain this support:

  • You can ask the nonpaying parent's employer to withhold wages from his or her paycheck.
  • You can ask to have the support money set aside from a tax refund check. (This method also can apply to lottery winnings.)
  • You can file a lien against the nonpaying parent's assets or real property.
  • You can move to have his or her driving privileges suspended. (This can be done with other licenses as well - (professional or recreational.)
  • You can file a lawsuit requesting that the court hold the nonpaying parent in contempt until back monies are paid. The judge can sentence him or her to jail and order all past-due child support to be paid.

None of these things will happen just on your say-so. You will be asked to document past payment and nonpayment. You must present the original child support order with your documentation. All monies past due are called the arrearage. This is where an attorney is useful. He or she will draft a motion requesting a hearing to have the arrearage paid in full.

We Represent Both Sides In Child Support Cases

There are two sides to every story. Sometimes, a parent wants to pay but simply cannot - or paid cash that was never reported. If you feel you have been seriously misunderstood or are falsely accused in a support dispute, we want to talk to you.

Vigorously Enforcing Child Support Orders

If the nonpaying parent is hard to locate, it will take time to serve notice of the hearing. Eventually, you and the nonpaying parent will appear at the hearing and the court will act on your request.

Our firm has walked down this road with hundreds of custodial parents before you. Our reputation in Plano is solid. We put our client's request in the best light possible. The best sign of our faithfulness to client needs is the fact that so many refer us to friends and family members.

To discuss your case with our lawyer, call our offices at 972-312-1510 - or email us a note listing your concerns.