Paternity Actions

Are you a biological father seeking to establish paternity - and thus the parental rights of child custody, visitation and child support - by submitting to a DNA test? Are you a mother seeking to legally identify the father of your child for legal and emotional reasons?

The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, can assert your rights, in and out of court, to better protect your child and his or her upbringing. Our law firm aggressively advocates for birth mothers who need paternity confirmed in order to receive child support.

Whatever your paternity legal need at a difficult time in your life, you can count on us to help you get through this. We bring decades of legal knowledge, keen client commitment and a reputation for positive results that are well-known throughout the region.

30 Years' Experience Serving Families Throughout The Dallas Metroplex

Are you the parent of a child born out of wedlock? Part of our job as lawyers is to help unwed parents deal with the anxiety of paternity actions by giving them predictability. Our understanding of how courts have ruled in paternity lawsuits in the past can help you plan accordingly.

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