If Securing A Child Custody And Visitation Solution Is Important To You And Your Children Then We Are The Law Firm That Will Work For You

Child custody and visitation are often the two compelling issues discussed during most contested divorces. If you really value your children and their well-being, you must have a very strong, capable attorney working with you, for the benefit of you and your children for the rest of your lives. This is one of the most critical and important legal issues of your and your children's lives.

The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, is a skilled divorce and family law firm that uses its founding attorney's 30 years of experience to resolve disputes over child access in ways that emphasize the best interests of the child.

During the extensive divorce planning our law firm offers, Joseph A. Barbknecht listens carefully to your custody and visitation goals. He supplies you with the facts you need for sound decisions, beginning with guidelines expressed in the Texas visitation calculator.

Throughout the process, you receive attentive personal service and maximum access to the combined knowledge of our lawyers and efficient support staff. We address the highly individual needs of our clients throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

An Experienced Lawyer For Your Child Custody Issues

Our quality legal services for custody and visitation matters include:

  • Guidance for custodial and noncustodial parents during and after divorce, to determine availability for a consistent parenting-time routine
  • Modifications of custody and visitation rights in the event of sudden, substantial changes in circumstance, such as relocation or a co-parent's need to seek a second job
  • Enforcement of custody and visitation obligations stated in settlement agreements when responsibilities go unfulfilled
  • Opportunities to establish parental rights, including custody and visitation, for biological fathers intent on confirming paternity through DNA testing
  • Support for grandparents and stepparents seeking custody or visitation when one or both parents of a child have been deemed unfit
  • Custody and visitation representation for parents in same-sex relationships

At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., we believe the parent-child relationship is very important. Every custody and visitation issue we handle is based on obtaining the very best circumstances for your children and you. Most often, both parents should share prominent roles in a child's upbringing to create the stable environment a child needs throughout the years. We will help you if this is the situation you face.

When tensions increase during discussions of custody and visitation, you can count on us to help you get through this. Contact us in Plano, Texas, to arrange your free initial consultation. The number to call is 972-312-1510, and your email message receives our prompt response.