Protecting The Best Interests Of The Child

It is not uncommon for divorce proceedings to hinge on negativity. Confronted by such emotional and financial turmoil, parents might lose sight of the best interests of the children. When this happens, it is likely that Texas Child Protective Services will be called to evaluate the situation. If you are a parent, grandparent or family member you need a champion. You can bring in The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., if the children really matter to you. If they do not, then there are many other choices.

At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., our legal team has helped clients in Plano and communities throughout Texas for 30 years. Our founding lawyer, Joseph A. Barbknecht, has the experience that clients need. By providing personal service, honest answers and prompt communication, our law firm is prepared to provide exceptional client service at every stage of the legal process.

It can be an unfortunate turn of events, but it is not uncommon for one parent to lodge false reports of abuse or child neglect to Child Protective Services (CPS). This agency's sole purpose is to remove a child from a dangerous environment. The agency is likely to seek to place the child or children with a relative of either the mother or father. In many situations, the grandparents are in the best position to seek placement.

Removal and placement can be a tumultuous time for both the parents and the children. The process is fraught with complex regulations, laws and documentation. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney at the earliest possible stage.

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