Contested Divorce

A contested divorce simply means that you and your spouse are not in full agreement on the relevant issues. You may reach a settlement, through mediation or negotiation, without ever going to court. Or you might have to go to trial and let a judge decide the outcome.

The important thing is to go into contested divorce with realistic expectations and concrete strategies so you are not blindsided or manipulated. At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, proven trial lawyers will represent you. In or out of court, our legal team will protect your financial interests and your parental rights.

A Good Offense Is The Best Defense

Our attorneys have years of experience litigating contested divorces in the Texas family courts, so they know how to advocate effectively for you. In many cases, this means keeping you out of court to limit the costs and the animosity. Yet we are always prepared to try the case if your interests are threatened or the other party will not see reason. Our philosophy is to move cases forward and make sure clients are positioned for the most favorable outcome.

This starts with an in-depth discussion of your situation, your rights under the law and your options for resolving divorce. When you engage us as attorneys for your contested divorce, we provide comprehensive counsel and representation for the entire process:

  • Divorce planning
  • Filing the petition or counter-petition
  • Temporary orders (custody, child support or spousal support)
  • Possession of the marital home
  • Discovery, hearings and motions
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Courtroom representation in a divorce trial

We have litigated high-conflict and high-asset divorces, complex child custody disputes, alimony cases and related matters of family law. You can count on our knowledge and courtroom skills to protect you and guide you through a difficult time.

An uncontested divorce is an option when spouses agree on everything - all details of property, debts, custody, parenting time and financial support. We can draft the papers for dissolution of marriage in appropriate legalese for submission to the court.

We Deliver Individualized Solutions And Results

Our approach to divorce litigation is customized to the facts and the dynamics of your situation. You may need us to set an aggressive tone and take decisive action. You may want to proceed with caution and strike an amicable chord. We work from your priorities and your goals rather than our own agenda or a cookie-cutter process. We pay attention to the details so that you are protected in courtroom proceedings and the ultimate outcome of your divorce dispute.

Our Plano-based contested divorce attorney, Joseph Barbknecht, has 30 years of experience representing women and men in Richardson, Dallas and the surrounding communities. Call 972-312-1510 toll free or send us an email message to arrange your free initial consultation.