The Right Way to Divorce

Is There A Right Way To Divorce? We Will Find The Best Solution For You.

by Joseph Barbknecht

People just starting to think about divorce are always unhappy about what lies ahead. And they should be. Divorce for couples in Plano, Richardson and elsewhere in the Dallas Metroplex is never "a walk in the park." Divorce stirs up emotions no one wants to have: anger, bitterness, self-reproach, revenge and enormous anxiety about the future, particularly when children are involved.

I am not here to say that there is a universally right way to end a marriage. Divorces are as different from one another as the marriages themselves were. They range from contested, in which you take each other to court, to gentler approaches like mediated divorce and divorces that are uncontested.

The Opposite Of Surrender: Keeping Your Wits About You To Win

But here's the key. You can't control what your ex does. But you can control how you think about the divorce process. If you can turn down your dials and focus on the results you want, it doesn't matter what your ex does. Cool heads almost always win - because they have a goal for the future, and that is what they focus on.

Know What's Important, And Don't Lose Focus

When you focus on your emotions, you get distracted from your purpose in the divorce - which is to start a new life for yourself. Let the other side wallow in all that. You will make fewer mistakes, and your new life will already be underway - in your head and heart.

As a lawyer, I tell clients to think of the marriage as a business contract that you are now ending, but the relationship will go on, to a degree. Your ex-spouse is out of your house, but not entirely out of your life.

Setting Anger, Blame And Fearfulness Aside

It's inevitable that you will have feelings. Attorneys buy Kleenex wholesale for this purpose. So let it out. But when you're done, dry your tears, because we have work to do - laying the groundwork for a new life for you.

I hope you will call me, Joseph Barbknecht, at my Plano, Texas, office. While there is no single best way to divorce, the best solution for your situation and your future is within reach. I want to hear your story and lay out a plan that works for you.