Protecting Your Rights With Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

To protect your share of marital assets and custody of your child after a divorce in Texas, you should have a solidly written prenuptial agreement that can withstand any future legal challenge.

A prenuptial agreement, realistically drawn as a contract, lays the groundwork for a marriage. A postnuptial agreement establishes ground rules between the parties in advance of a possible divorce, and can serve as a financial arrangement entered into after marriage to resolve underlying, stressful money issues.

In either case, if you are contemplating one of these approaches, you could benefit from the guidance of a skilled, proactive Plano family law attorney.

Joseph A. Barbknecht uses his 30 years of experience, working relationships with family lawyers, efficient support staff, and tradition of attentive personal service to ease the transition of clients throughout the Dallas Metroplex from single life to marriage via the prenup, and your transition from marriage to divorce through the postnup. In good times and bad, we are the Texas law firm you can count on to help you get through this.

Experienced Plano Divorce Attorney Protecting Your Rights And Assets

A prenuptial agreement protects financial interests and those who count on you for financial security, such as elderly parents and children from a prior marriage. When thought of as an insurance policy, a prenuptial agreement can work to your advantage if you:

  • Accumulate significant assets prior to your marriage, or there is a significant disparity in the parties' financial assets
  • Possess assets of such importance that you want them considered separate from any future divorce settlement
  • Have ongoing responsibilities to other family members (small children or aging parents)

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is a contract designed to preserve all that you accomplished, or hope to, in your marriage. To speak with a skilled lawyer who has drafted and reviewed these contracts for three decades, contact Joseph A. Barbknecht today.

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