Bad Faith Insurance Claims

There is a difference between an insurance dispute and insurance bad faith. At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, we handle both. If your insurance claim has been denied, we will investigate the reasons why. If we find that the insurer has unfairly refused a valid claim, we will explore a lawsuit for bad faith denial. If there is a legitimate legal question, we will vigorously press your case to get the most favorable resolution we can.

In a lawsuit for insurance bad faith, the burden of proof is on you (the insured). It is often necessary to go all the way to trial. Many law firms don't handle these cases, but our legal team does not shy away from litigation; in fact, it's where we shine. When our client has been wronged, we commit the time and resources to get the result.

Find Out Where You Stand, At No Cost To You
First things first: arrange a free consultation for us to examine your insurance policy and the circumstances of your denied claim. If we pursue a bad faith claim, we shoulder the upfront expenses and are not repaid unless we secure a settlement or jury verdict.

What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith?

An insurance policy is a contract. Each party agrees (in the fine print) to certain terms and conditions. Under the law, an insurance company is a fiduciary. This means that the insurer is legally obligated to look upon your interests and consider the claim without bias.

Not every claim denial or coverage dispute is a breach of the good faith obligation. However, you may have a cause of action for bad faith if the insurer:

  • Refused the claim without investigation
  • Ignored objective information
  • Relied on minor technicalities to flatly deny the claim
  • Deliberately and unreasonably delayed payment
  • Lowballed your claim by a substantial percentage
  • Canceled your policy only after a claim was filed
  • Systematically denied similar claims

What If I Win My Bad Faith Case?

Under Texas law, insurers are held accountable for bad faith denials through punitive damages. In addition to the payment of the underlying claim, you may be entitled to treble damages (triple damages) plus attorney fees.

Get A Free Evaluation Of Your Insurance Claim

If you believe that the insurance company's determination was biased or unfair, The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, can pursue your bad faith insurance claims. Call 972-312-1510 or contact us online. Our lawyers handle denied insurance claims in Richardson, throughout the Dallas Metroplex and across Texas.