Property/Casualty Claims

What good is an insurance policy if you are not covered when the qualifying event occurs? If you have been told that your claim is not valid, you cannot take the insurance company at its word. But there is not much you can do on your own to change its mind.

The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, gets results in insurance coverage disputes. We have been successful in property casualty claims where policyholders (and their previous attorneys) have not. Our lawyers know how to enforce your rights to recover the full compensation for your property damage and related losses. We will go all the way to trial to get satisfaction. (See ourverdicts and settlements.)

We Excel At Turning These Cases Around

Our law firm represents homeowners and businesses throughout the Dallas Metroplex and across the state of Texas. Joseph Barbknecht is a veteran trial attorney who has represented not only policyholders but insurance companies. His experience in insurance defense gives him insights and leverage that we can apply to your denied claim.

We handle all types of property and casualty claims under homeowner policies and commercial property policies, including fire loss, storm damage, flood damage, theft, vandalism or structural failure. Some insurers are notorious for basing denials on ambiguous language, "acts of God," obscure policy exclusions and other technicalities. In other cases, there may be a genuine dispute over interpretation of the policy - what is covered or what the policy limits are. For example, replacement cost versus cash value of damaged property can mean thousands of dollars either way.

Mr. Barbknecht can analyze the fine print and persuasively argue for the most favorable interpretation of your property casualty coverage. Through demand letters, negotiation, motions for summary judgment or advocacy at trial, he will pursue your rightful compensation for the losses you have incurred. We have also held insurers accountable for bad faith denial of legitimate property damage claims.

We also represent homeowners who are sued for injury or other loss under their property casualty policy. We hold insurers to their obligation to defend the insured party and pay covered damages.

Delivering Results For 30 Years

You can count on The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., for individualized attention and strong legal advocacy in a frustrating and adversarial process. Call 972-312-1510 toll free or contact us online to arrange a free consultation.