Has Your Insurance Claim Been Delayed Or Denied?

It is frustrating to get the insurance claim runaround, especially when you have faithfully paid your premiums all along. Although this is an urgent and anxious matter for you, it is just another claim to the insurance company. Claim denials are business as usual, with little regard for how they actually affect people's lives.

At The Barbknecht Firm, P.C., in Plano, Texas, we do care and we know how to make the insurance companies care. We intervene to light a fire under them to promptly pay the claim for a fair amount. If they still balk, we are experienced litigators who can escalate your insurance dispute and force them to pay the claim — and then some.

Standing Up For The Rights Of The Insured

Our firm vigorously represents individuals and businesses in Plano, Frisco, Richardson and throughout the Dallas Metroplex in insurance coverage disputes. Our attorneys have prevailed in complex insurance litigation involving multiple plaintiffs and defendants and millions of dollars. We are confident that we can get a good result in your case.

We have experience in all types of insurance claims, including:

Sometimes, the trouble starts as soon as you file a claim or report an incident to your insurance agent. Insurance adjusters may ask for a statement which in turn results in a letter of denial. Sometimes, the claim is stuck in limbo — vague promises, extended investigation or requests for additional information that turn into weeks and months.

We Know How The Insurers Think
Joseph Barbknecht's 30 years of litigation experience includes significant work in insurance defense. He is familiar with how claims are evaluated by insurers and uses those insights to your advantage, documenting claims to satisfy the insurance adjusters and maximize your payout. Attorney Barbknecht is efficient at finding the tipping point at which the insurance company will settle the claim.

We Deliver Results In Insurance Coverage Disputes

Our legal team has a proven track record of holding insurers accountable for failure to pay covered losses, for lowball payouts and for failure to defend policyholders against lawsuits. An insurance coverage dispute is essentially a contract dispute. If the insurance company sticks to its self-serving interpretation of the policy language, we will represent you in arbitration of the claim, go to court to get a declaratory judgment or pursue a lawsuit for bad faith insurance denial.

You can count on us for honest answers and communication throughout this trying process. Call 972-312-1510 or contact us online to make arrangements for a free consultation with our capable and compassionate lawyers.