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October 2016 Archives

When disputes come up with your biggest customer

It is not uncommon for a small business to have a smaller customer base. Some such companies get a majority of their business from just a few customers, or even just one. When this is the case, a big portion of the company’s financial well-being can be tied to how things are going with their biggest customer. So, one of the things that could keep a small business owner up at night is fear of someday losing their biggest client.

Divorce can have retirement ramifications

The implications that a divorce can have on a person are numerous. Among the things a divorce can impact is a person’s retirement, particularly if they are divorcing at an older age. A recent study suggests that women who get divorced later in life are more likely to put off retirement and stay in the workforce longer.

Keeping a close eye on business competitors

Solid knowledge of their business competitors can be important for person as they are starting a company. One reason for this is that various things about the competition may impact what a person wants to do as they are getting their business up and running.

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