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Traveling with kids after divorce: Tips for an easy trip

After a divorce, there could be times when you want to travel with your children. When staying in the country, your ex-spouse might be okay with it, but what about if you want to travel internationally? In some cases, that might be pushing for too much, but you do still have options to help you take your kids overseas.

Remember that you do need to abide by your child custody order, but there are times when you and your ex may be able to make exceptions for trips or activities that are one-time events. Here's what you should do if you want to take your children out of the country and don't have a trusting relationship with your children's other parent.

Talk to your attorney about signing a Ne Exeat bond

This bond is an agreement that you'll hold up your end of your custody agreement, even if you go out of the country with your children. This can put the other parent's mind at ease, because the bond can cover the expenses that parent would accrue if he or she had to pursue international legal action if you were to flee with your children. It's a sign of good faith that could help you, and the other parent, build better trust.

Set up a good line of communication

If the other parent is concerned about your children going out of the country, make sure he or she has access to them while you're gone. Allow your children to have their own electronics, like cellphones or computers, and the ability to call their other parent and vice-versa. Calling or checking in regularly, at least the first time you're out of the country with your children, helps the other parent feel more comfortable.

These are just two things you can do to make the situation more palatable for the other parent. With good communication and measures to ensure your return to the country, it's more likely that the other parent will agree to the vacation you want to take with your kids.

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