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Keeping divorce stress from becoming overwhelming

Many things can affect how big of an impact stress has on a person during a divorce. One is how much stress a person experiences in the divorce. Stress can come from many different sources in a divorce, and divorces can vary considerably from one another in how stressful they end up being for those involved.

Litigation not the only option in a divorce

Making false assumptions when preparing for a divorce could cause a person to miss important options and to not give thought to certain things they probably should during the divorce preparation process. One incorrect assumption that an individual considering divorce could make is assuming there is only one way to go through the divorce process: through litigation.

'Sleep divorce' may prevent the real thing

Snoring may seem like a relatively minor reason to get a divorce, but anyone who has tried to sleep in the same bed as a snorer might beg to differ. When you are trying to sleep after a long day, there is nothing worse than a spouse sawing logs inches away from you, or tossing and turning so much you cannot get comfortable.

The upsides of divorce

Every cloud has a silver lining. This is a phrase that can apply to a great many things. Divorce is one of these things. It is true that a divorce can be hard on a person mentally, emotionally and financially. However, divorce is not without its silver linings. There are many positive things a divorce can yield, not the least of which being the opportunity to get out of a marriage that is broken and cannot be fixed.

Addressing divorce retirement issues through collaborative law

There are many long-term impacts that a divorce can have. For example, a divorce can have major impacts on a person's retirement situation, as it can end up influencing what sort of retirement assets, like retirement savings accounts, they end up with. Potential retirement effects are something that older divorcing couples may be particularly concerned about, given that, for them, retirement isn't some far off thing but something that may soon be a reality for them. 

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