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Big life changes can raise family law issues for divorced parents

A divorce can change a person’s life quite a bit. However, it is certainly isn’t the last life-altering event a divorcing individual can experience. There are a variety of major changes that could potentially occur in a person’s life after they have gotten divorced. This includes changes in their health, their employment, their income or what state they will be living in.

How are child custody cases handled in Texas?

Every state has different laws regarding the custody of children. Child custody laws are put in place in order to protect these young individuals and place them in the best situations for their growth and development. Unfortunately, child custody laws can be somewhat confusing. For this reason, this column will address how child custody cases are handled specifically in Texas.

Special issues for divorcing individuals with athletically gifted children

Athletics are part of many kids’ lives. Of course, athletic talent varies greatly among children. Some are very gifted athletically. Some kids who have such gifts wish to compete at a very high level. When this is the case, athletics can be a bigger part of their lives than is typical. This can raise some special issues for the parents of such children in a variety of situations. For example, if parents of an athletically gifted child divorce, their child’s athletic efforts can impact what kinds of issues are present in the divorce-related proceedings.

Tips for divorced parents for the start of the school year

We are almost a third of the way through August, which means the start of school is not far around the corner for many children here in Texas. As the first day of school approaches, parents may have concerns regarding how this upcoming school year will go for their kids. This can particularly be the case if a big and impactful event occurred in the family’s life over the summer, such as a divorce.

Being mindful of one’s Facebook use during a divorce

For some, Facebook is so ingrained in their everyday routine that they don’t give much thought to what they do on the site. However, a person’s Facebook behavior and what things they see and are exposed to on Facebook can be quite impactful, particularly when they are in especially sensitive life situations.

What is parallel parenting?

Custody arrangements come in a range of varieties. So, such arrangements can be tailored to a family's particular situation. Many different things could impact what sort of custody arrangement would best serve the best interests of the children, including the children's specific needs and the specific circumstances of the two parents. Given the major implications a custody arrangement has for the parents and the children, getting the right custody arrangement in place, given the family's situation, in a divorce is very important.

Things to avoid when it comes to visitation

Visitation is often a significant issue in divorce cases involving parents. What sort of arrangement and schedule regarding visitation with the children comes out of a parent divorce has major implications for parents and children alike. Thus, it is critical for parents to avoid committing mishaps during the course of custody and visitation proceedings.

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